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About Us

Innovative IT company that offers professional software solutions adapted to the needs of our clients. The price-quality ratio is correct, robust implementations that do not require further maintenance and that meet the most atypical needs. Starting from these values, we demanded that our clients be open to a collaboration based on trust, communication and a proactive attitude. We want to establish a partnership, because the best results appear when the parties involved in the creation and implementation processes work together.
If our value system resonates with yours, we expect you to contact us and find together the solution to your needs and problems. Our services are diverse, covering a wide range of needs and requirements, and can be divided into three categories: creating and managing websites, developing software solutions on demand and auditing the security of desktop / mobile applications.

Creating and Managing Websites

Depending on the client's needs, we create presentation websites to increase the visibility of the business in the online environment - Google Search / Google Maps / Google Business - and to facilitate the interaction between customers and the company, or online stores, to ensure business stability and continuity. periods of crisis or to reduce costs by maintaining a minimum number of open physical locations.

Developing Desktop / Mobile Software Solutions On Demand

We develop a wide range of software solutions to meet even the most atypical needs. We currently implement internal applications for various departments in a company - sales, marketing, accounting, security, etc., to automate recurring processes and activities, mobile applications (Android or iOS) to help increase sales and visibility, or subscription / subscription manager applications for the services offered by your company.

Desktop / Mobile Applications Security Auditing

The professional experience gained over time has shown us that the data protection mechanisms used by partners do not comply with the guidelines in the technical documentation, and some of the currently used applications are vulnerable to some of the most notorious cyber attacks. For this reason, we want to help you secure your digital corporate assets against theft by your competitors or your own employees.

For more info, contact us for a short conversation, and we will be able to advise you, free of charge, on what you might need in your company to achieve the results you are looking for!
In case you need an IT friend or adviser.


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Our Team

Our team is validated by time, working together for more than 50 major projects in the last 10 years and covering a wide range of technologies, from low-level to high-level programming, APIs and SDKs. hate. We also have over 5 years of experience in software security control programs for desktop or mobile applications, at different levels: source code correctness, obfuscation, communication protocols along with the aggregation of cryptographic primitives. We are also proud of government projects aimed at protecting critical data and applications, within the Ministry of National Defense or with software solutions that have received PCI DSS certification - Merchant Services Provider - Level 1.
Our professional path offered us the chance to participate in various projects, which took us out of our comfort zone, but allowed us to find solutions to problems and needs atypical of everyday life. We are proud of the accumulated experience and we want to offer others the opportunity to specialize in our fields of activity, through trainings focused on developing software solutions or auditing the security of desktop / mobile applications.


They have over 10 years of experience in the field of IT engineering, they are passionate about mobile application development and the field of mobile / desktop application security. They also have 5+ years of experience in the field of national security, with involvement in relevant implementation projects and analysis of software solutions for the Ministry of National Defense.


Co-Founder &
Software Dev Architect


Co-Founder &
Mobile Security Strategist

Our Services

Experience and courses completed over time allow us to provide complete services for a wide range of clients and related needs. We can help both small companies, at the beginning of the road, to create an online image capable of increasing the number of customers together with the volume of completed sales, and medium ones, which are in full expansion and automation of repetitive internal processes. We can also provide integrated analysis and consulting services in the field of security for desktop and mobile applications developed internally or purchased and advice on the protection of corporate data stored on mobile terminals. Finally, upon request, we also provide specialized training services in one of our fields of activity.

Mobile Application Development

Native Android / iOS application development, cross-platform mobile application development.

Mobile Security Auditing & Consulting

Mobile application security auditing, reverse engineering & code review, mobile OS tamper detection & analysis.

Web & Databases Development

Websites & Java web services development, MySQL / MsSQL / SqLite / MongoDB database development & optimization.

Desktop Application Development

C, C++, C# or Java application development and optimization based on client needs.

Desktop Application Security Auditing & Consulting

Application reverse engineering and analysis, memory analysis.

Code Review, Security Auditing & Consulting

IDE-based code review and analysis, unit-testing and fuzzing (in-process, out-of-process).

Mobile Application Development Training

Covering multiple areas, from basic user interface controls to advanced life-cycle issues.

Desktop Application Development Training

Desktop application development, using industry best practices.

Software Security Auditing Training

On demand.

For more info, contact us for a short conversation, and we will be able to advise you, free of charge, on what you might need in your company to achieve the results you are looking for!
In case you need an IT friend or adviser.

Our Portfolio

We have been involved in a wide range of projects and with varying degrees of difficulty, from presentation websites and online stores, to software solutions for automating internal processes and mobile non-banking auxiliary applications or efficient sensor analysis. and the resources of a mobile terminal.
With such a great diversity of projects, some of them being, unfortunately, under the incidence of NDA type contracts, we had where to choose our most dear (and contract free) projects to present to you.

Partner List

Thank you for choosing our services and for actively participating in projects in which only together we managed to overcome obstacles and shortcomings that seemed insurmountable.

Pricing Table

We offer complete service packages, adapted to your recurring needs and problems, which allowed us to display an indicative list of prices. However, the realistic estimated budgeting of a project is done after a preliminary discussion, and the establishment of the exact cost is done only after we have established together the development direction, the necessary auxiliary materials and the workload involved in the situation.

Web Development

  • Static web pages
  • Online shops
  • Web templating
  • Web page management

App Development

  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Hibrid applications
  • Back-end services

Security auditing

  • Code reviewing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Consulting sessions
  • Security trainings

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Our working hours are from 10:00 AM untill 6:00 PM, from Monday to Friday.
We can be contacted outside of business hours, by email, and we will answer you as soon as possible.