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A young and innovative company which aims to provide optimal, cost-effective and robust software solutions in order to meet the most demanding business requirements. Our team is time-validated, working together for more than 25 major projects in the last 7 years. The covered technologies vary from low-level programming to high-level frameworks, APIs and SDKs.

Another strong team asset is represented by the 5+ years of software security controls implemented as desktop or mobile applications, at various levels: code correctness, obfuscation, communication protocols hardened by cryptographic primitives aggregation.

Our skills and knowledge can be shared during topic-specific training classes, starting from our clients needs or design requirements.

25 Satisfied Customers
10 Released Projects
350 Hours Of Support
4 Hard Workers

Skill Set

Mobile Application Development

Native Android application development, cross-platform mobile application development.

Mobile Security Auditing & Counseling

Open-source mobile security tools, Android reverse engineering and analysis, Android operating system tamper detection and analysis.

Web Applications & Databases Development

PHP / Java web services development, MySQL / MsSQL / SqLite / MongoDB database development and optimization.

Desktop Application Development

C, C++, C# or Java application development and optimization.

Desktop Application Security Auditing & Counseling

Application reverse engineering and analysis, memory analysis.

Code Review, Security Auditing & Counseling

IDE-based code review and analysis, unit-testing, fuzzing (in-process, out-of-process).

Mobile Application Development Training

Covering multiple areas, from basic user interface controls to advanced life-cycle issues.

Desktop Application Development Training

Desktop application development, using industry best practices.

Code Review & Security Auditing Training

On demand.

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